PWA Athletes

Michael Roßmeier

Michael  Roßmeier
Age: 44
Height: 176
Debut: 2002
Residence: Austria
Nationality: Austrian
Boards: F2
Sails: Avanti Sails


Rossi is more or less (less only because of less wind) living for Freestyle! If there is wind and no contests you can find him for sure at Lago di Garda - his 'homespot'.
During the no-wind-time he works part time at his uncle's surfshop in Innsbruck and studies economics and marketing extra-professional.
After one year of work, his newest project just came out May 2006 – the Tricktionary, a comprehensive windsurfing book in 4 different languages available. (
If you give Rossi a good breeze, warm, sunny weather and a choppy watersurface you have the most satisfied man in the world!

Rank Event
17th PWA Fuerteventura Freestyle 2010
17th PWA Neusiedlersee Freestyle 2010
9th PWA Sylt / Germany 2009
17th PWA Fuerteventura / Spain 2009
17th PWA Lanzarote / Spain 2009
2008 ranked 15th overall PWA Freestyle
5th EFPT Prasonisi / Rhodos 2006
6th EFPT Engadinwind Sivlaplana / Switzerland 2006
9th EFPT Bredene/Belgium 2006
13th EFPT Mykonos 2006
12th OVERALL EFPT 2005 – Best Austrian
6th OVERALL EFPT 2004 – Best Austrian
1st EFPT Silvaplana / Switzerland 2004
1st Interlaghi Freestyle Contest / Italy 2004
1st Wellington Freestyle Champs / New Zealand 2003
3rd EFPT Rhodos / Greece 2004
5th EFPT Hyeres / France 2004
5th EFPT Silvaplana / Switzerland 2003
6th EFPT Rhodos / Greece 2005
7th EFPT Mykonos / Greece 2005
7th EFPT Sicily / Italy 2004
7th EFPT Premantura / Croatia 2004 (EFPT Final)
7th Soul Classic 2001
9th EFPT Silvaplana / Switzerland 2005
9th EFPT Weiden / Austria 2004
13th King of the Lake / Italy 2002
15th Soul Classic 2000


F2, Avanti Sails, Rip-Curl, Tricktionary, Tirolsail
Michael  Roßmeier
Michael  Roßmeier
Michael  Roßmeier