PWA Athletes

Ruben Petrisie

Ruben  Petrisie
Age: 41
Height: 178
Debut: 2002
Residence: Bonaire
Nationality: Dutch
Sails: KA Sail


1st PWA event Bonaire 2002
Windsurfing History (Including any past competition results) King of the Cape 2001 Freestyle pro 11 Aruba Highwinds 2001 freestyle 3 Aruba Highwinds 2002 freestyle 3 Bonaire Regatta 2002 freestyle 4

Born in Surinam, raised in Bonaire, lives in Holland. "I like to jump, push, twist, spin and grind around on my freestyle set… then compete in freestyle events all over Europe . Since 2006 I experience Alicati in Turkey. My job: professional windsurfer.


KA Sail, Kamoana Clothing, Reptile Masts, AHD, Spartan Wetsuits
Ruben  Petrisie
Ruben  Petrisie
Ruben  Petrisie