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Andre Paskowski

Andre  Paskowski
Height: 0
Debut: 2003
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German
Boards: Fanatic
Sails: Duotone


1st PWA event 2003 Tarifa Freestyle Qualifier
German Championship Freestyle: 1st
Euro Cup Sylt Freestyle: 1st
German Windsurfcup Overall Freestyl/Wave Ranking: 1st

PWA Freestyle Tarifa: 5th
European Freestyle Tour Podersdorf: 3rd
Final Ranking European Freestyle Tour: 4th
German Tour Norderney Freestyle: 1st
German Windsurfcup Overall Freestyle/Wave Ranking: 3rd

German Windsurfcup Overall Freestyle/Wave Ranking: 1st

EFPT Hyeres 1st
EFPT Podersdorf 2nd
EFPT Rhodos 3rd
EFPT Paros 2nd

2007 ranked 9th PWA Freestyle
2008 ranked 10th overall PWA Freestyle
2009 ranked 7th overall PWA Freestyle

Favourite manoeuvre:I don´t know! In wave I like backloops and wave 360 very much. In freestyle I like flakas with full speed but now I am more focused on switch stance moves. Here I like switch chachoo and the gozada (new Kauli move) very much. Gozada means you surf switch and back to the sail and then you go for a spock 540.

Favourite spot in Europe: My homespot meldorf!!! The Waves are 5 cm high. Perfect freestyle Spot. For Waves I like to sail in Klitmoeller/DAN.

Favourite spot outside Europe:I don´t see very much. Last winter I was for a bit of time in Capetown. We was not lucky with the wind but I think I like to sail in capetown. The winter 2003/04 I was in el yaque. Off course not very crazy conditions but I like to sail in el yaque Freestyle with all the guys like Ricardo, cheo and so on!


Fanatic, Duotone, Smith Sunglasses, Oxbow, Powerbar, ION
Andre  Paskowski
Andre  Paskowski
Andre  Paskowski