PWA Athletes

Leo Ray

Leo  Ray
Age: 43
Height: 175
Debut: 2003
Residence: France
Nationality: French
Boards: Fanatic
Sails: Duotone


1st PWA event Leucate Freestyle Qualifier
2009 ranked 9th overall PWA Freestyle
2008 ranked 14th overall PWA Freestyle
2007 ranked 13th PWA Freestyle

Although Frenchman Leo Ray (F-200 Naish / Naish) has been competing in and searching for waves for many years, he seems forever drawn back to the one place he considers the ultimate windsurfing paradise - Maui, Hawaii.

Leo, always a solid competitor in the waves, turned heads in 2006 with a markedly improved freestyle performance that saw him finish 9th overall.


Fanatic, Duotone, MFC
Leo  Ray
Leo  Ray
Leo  Ray