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Normen Günzlein

Normen  Günzlein
Age: 39
Height: 0
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German
Boards: JP Australia
Sails: NeilPryde


1st PWA event Fuerteventura Freestyle 2003
2008 ranked 8th PWA Freestyle
2007 ranked 11th PWA Freestyle

I was 11 when I started windsurfing and I took part to my first competition in the age of 12.
My first competitions were the German competitions for the juniors.
In the age of 16 I won all this competitions of Freestyle.
I decided to change to the German championships called DWC.
In the year 2002 I managed the 6th place in the German championship.
In the end of the year I took part to my first international competition, the Soulwave in Klittmöller (Denmark). I managed the 3rd place.
This year was really successful for me and so I decided to spend the winter on Tenerife to improve my ability for the next year.
I spend four month there. I learned really much and I was able to show this on the European Freestyle Tour at the Lake Neusiedler.I managed the 4th place. I was sure that this result might have been even better with a little bit more luck.

Windsurfing Ambitions: My dream is to be one of the best freestyle windsurfers in the world.
I will do everything to manage this goal.


JP Australia, NeilPryde, Loop Performance, Chiemsee
Normen  Günzlein
Normen  Günzlein
Normen  Günzlein