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Cyril Moussilmani

Cyril  Moussilmani
Age: 44
Height: 196
Debut: 1998
Residence: France
Nationality: French
Boards: Starboard


Best results:
- 2018 3rd Slalom Costa Brava, 8th Fuerteventura
- 2017 7th Fuerteventura
- 2016 Ranked 8th overall Slalom, 2nd Ulsan PWA World Cup, 9th Fuerteventura
- 2015 ranked 8th overall PWA Slalom
- 2014 ranked 2nd overall PWA Slalom
- 2013 ranked 4th overall PWA Slalom
- 2012 ranked 9th overall PWA Slalom
- 2011 ranked 4th Slalom
- 2010 ranked 3rd Slalom
- 2009 ranked 7th Slalom
- 2008 ranked 5th Slalom
- 8th PWA World Tour rank Slalom
- 5th Slalom 42 Colgate PWA World Cup Sylt 2006
- 3rd Red Bull Storm Rider 2006
- 2nd PWA Super X 2005
- 6th PWA Slalom 42
- 22nd PWA Wave 2005
- 3rd IFCA Almanare 2003
- French Champion Overall 2000
- 2nd French Championship Overall 2001, 2002 & 2003
- Top 15 Overall PWA 2000
- 3rd in Speed Leucate 1999

Favourite spot:
My home spot Carro & Marseille, South Africa & Maui

Favourite maneuvre:Goiter, Double Forward

How I started:I was walking with my parents on seaside and some guys were windsurfing. I told my mother that I would love to try this sport! At this time I was only 9 years old, so it was difficult to have a permission to teach me windsurfing. But my mother had a good friend, who taught me one week and after that I practiced alone. My brothers tried a fews years after me.

Best windsurfing day in my life:I think it's in Maui but there are some in my home spot Marseille

My Goals:Do better in all disciplines

My Slogan:Do the best; be a machine!


Starboard, GUNSAILS,
Cyril  Moussilmani
Cyril  Moussilmani
Cyril  Moussilmani