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Sarah-Quita Offringa

Sarah-Quita  Offringa
Age: 33
Height: 182
Debut: 2003
Residence: Aruba
Nationality: Dutch
Boards: Starboard
Sails: NeilPryde


21-time World Champion (14 Freestyle, 5 Slalom & 2 Wave)

2021 Freestyle World Champion, Slalom World Champion, 1st Tiberias PWA World Cup Israel, 4th Foil Israel, 1st Freestyle Marignane, France.
2019 World Champion Freestyle, World Champion Wave
2018 World Champion Freestyle, 2nd PWA Morocco Women’s Wave World Cup, 1st Freestyle & 2nd Slalom Viana PWA World Cup, 2nd Gran Canaria, 1st Fuerteventura Freestyle, 2nd Tenerife wave
2017 World Champion Freestyle and Slalom, ranked 3rd Overall PWA Wave, 1st Ulsan PWA World Cup, 1st Fly! Ana PWA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Japan, 5th Pozo Gran Canaria World Cup, 2nd Tenerife, 1st Hvide Sande Slalom, 2nd Sylt Wave, 2nd Noumea Slalom
2016 World Champion Freestyle & Slalom, Ranked 3rd overall Wave, 1st NoveNove Aloha Classic/Wave, 2nd Ulsan PWA World Cup, Slalom, Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival, 4th Tenerife Wave, 3rd Sylt Wave
2015 World Champion Freestyle & Slalom, Ranked 3rd overall Wave. 1st Ulsan, Korea Slalom, 4th Tenerife Wave, 2nd Noumea Dream Cup Slalom
2014 World Champion Freestyle, 7th Slalom, 6th Wave
1st 2014 Warsaw PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup Women's Freestyle
2013 World Champion Freestyle
2013 Ranked 11th Women's Slalom - winner Slalom Alacati
2012 World Champion Freestyle
2011 World Champion Freestyle & Slalom
2010 World Champion Freestyle & ranked 3rd Slalom
2009 World Champion Freestyle
2008 World Champion Freestyle, 16th Wave, 17th Slalom
2007 Ranking 2nd Freestyle, 10th Slalom
2006 Ranking 2nd Freestyle, 23rd Wave
2006 Rookie of the year

1st PWA event entered Bonaire Freestyle 2003

I actually I started windsurfing at three years old then I stopped windsurfing and started again at the age of nine. my first competition Bonaire regatta 2001 started freestyling at 10 years
my results
Bonaire regatta:2001 Bonaire regatta 2nd freestyle princess of the bay 3rd racing new kids 2002 Aruba hi-winds 4th queen of the huts freestyle Bonaire regatta 1st queen of the bay freestyle 4th super kids racing PWA amateurs 1st 12 and under girls freestyle 2003 Aruba hi-winds 2nd queen of the huts freestyle 4th kids racing

ambitions: Represent Aruba make people more enthusiastic about windsurfing in Aruba I would really want to surf in Barbados and Margarita

Sarah-quita (rasta gial)


Starboard, NeilPryde, Brunotti Sportswear, Maui Ultra Fins
Sarah-Quita  Offringa
Sarah-Quita  Offringa
Sarah-Quita  Offringa