PWA Athletes

Jose "Gollito" Estredo

Jose "Gollito"  Estredo
Age: 35
Height: 0
Debut: 2004
Residence: Venezuela
Nationality: Venezuelan
Boards: RRD
Sails: RRD


1st PWA event Bonaire 2003 Freestyle

9-time PWA Freestyle World Champion

Best results:

- 2018 World Champion Freestyle, 1st Sylt, 1st Fuerteventura Freestyle, 7th Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival
- 2017 World Champion Freestyle, 1st Sylt,, 1st Fuerteventura Freestyle,
- 2016 World Champion Freestyle, 1st Sylt, 1st Podersdorf Surf World Cup, 3rd Fuerteventura Freestyle
- 2015 2nd Mondial Du Vent, PWA World Cup, Leucate, ranked 8th overall
- 2014 World Champion Freestyle
- 2012 1st Podersdorf Surf World Cup
- 2011 2nd Place Vietnam, 4th place PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf, 4th place PWA Bonaire, ranked 3rd overall PWA Freestyle
- 2010 World Champion Freestyle, 19th Wave
- 2009 World Champion Freestyle
- 2008 World Champion Freestyle
- 1st 2008 Podersdorf Austria
- 1st 2008 Costa Teguise, Lanzarote
- 2nd 2008 Sotavento, Fuerteventura
- 2nd 2008 Sylt, Germany

- 1st 2007 Colgate World Cup Sylt, Germany
- 7th 2007 Sotavento, Fuerteventura
- 1st 2007 Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

- PWA Freestyle World Champion 2006!!!
- 1st Freestyle PWA Grand Slam Fuerteventura 2006
- 1st Freestyle PWA Indoor Belgium 2006
- 3rd Overall PWA London Indoor 2006
- 2nd Freestyle PWA London Indoor 2006

- 3rd PWA Freestyle Overall 2005
- 4th PWA Wave Pozo 2005
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Worldcup Lanzarote 2005
- 3rd Place King of El Yaque 2003
- 7th Wild Winds El Yaque 2003

Favourite spot: El Yaque, Isla Margarita/Venezuela

Favourite maneuvre:Shaka, Flaka, Diablo

How I started:I saw some guys, like my brother on the water in El Yaque, and wanted to do the same,just better. I got one of my brothers boards and a sail, and started planing on the water. I loved it straight away.

Best windsurfing day in my life:
In the competition of Lanzarote 2005, where I was sailing against Cheo.

My Goals:
I am preparing me for the 2006 PWA season with all my force

My Slogan:I will do everything to be the best!


RRD, MFC, Wind Jeri, Furia Team
Jose "Gollito"  Estredo
Jose "Gollito"  Estredo
Jose "Gollito"  Estredo