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Marie Tjernberg

Marie  Tjernberg
Height: 0
Debut: 2004
Residence: Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Boards: F2
Sails: Duotone


1st PWA event Lanzarote Freestyle 2004
2006 ranked 11th Freestyle came 12th Pozo & 10th Fuerteventura

24 yr-old Marie Edlund-Tjernberg (S-6 F2 / North) from southern Sweden is a regular feature on the Women’s freestyle fleet entry lists. Marie is from a windsurfing-mad family, including her parents and fellow pro, sister Nina Edlund Tjernberg, (S-165 F2 /North) who all live by the sea in their hometown of Habo Ljung. Fun loving Marie has some important words to live by too - Go hard, or go home! As another part-time pro with a life outside of the tour, here’s what she cites as being the best way to balance life for the best performance on the water.

‘A normal day for me is to get up at 8.30-9.00 o’clock, and to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast. After taking it easy, maybe reading a book, I go out and see how the wind is. If it’s windy I’ll go out for a “morning session”.

After sailing I eat lunch and rest for a while, maybe spending time with friends. In the afternoon, after a coffee, its time for another session!

In the evening I like to watch a good movie or have a nice dinner with friends. This is a normal day during summer or times when I’m not in school. I’m studying Law, which sometimes keeps me really busy.

During an event my routine’s the same except I focus even more on eating good and nutritious food. Also getting enough rest is even more important at this time and I try not to get too stressed. Basically I’m just sailing quite a lot, trimming my gear, watching the event, and trying to avoid the sun. You can’t go wrong with an evening visit to the movies either…

I‘m an active person who likes all kinds of exercise. I like to go running, doing yoga, walking my dog, swimming, going to the gym etc. Usually I do some exercise every day. What kind of exercise I perform depends on weather, wind, temperature, and available training buddies.

Outside of my Pro career I’m in my fourth year of my Maritime Law degree, and during spring 2007 I’m going to do an exchange and study Environmental Law in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I wish it didn’t but I have to admit that competition does unfortunately take a little of the enjoyment from my windsurfing. I love windsurfing, but I don’t like the feeling that you have to perform to order, because this makes me feel a bit stressed. When I sense these feelings coming, I just try to have fun on the water instead!

I don't have a manager and I do my own budget and plan all my own expenses. But of course I plan my travels together with my boyfriend, sister and friends. Most of my training time is spent at my home spot in Sweden and in Pozo, Gran Canaria. During winter I spend time in South Africa and in Maui.

A good day sailing is the best! You cannot compare it to a good day of work or study. It’s a feeling of freedom, accomplishment and adrenaline. Plus, you always sleep like a baby that night!'


F2, Duotone
Marie  Tjernberg
Marie  Tjernberg
Marie  Tjernberg