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Yolanda Freites de Brendt

Yolanda  Freites de Brendt
Age: 48
Height: 165
Debut: 2004
Residence: Venezuela
Nationality: Venezuelan
Boards: Duotone
Sails: Fanatic


1st PWA event entered Fuerteventura Freestyle 2004

Best results:
2015 ranked 4th overall PWA Freestyle
2013 ranked 3rd overall PWA Freestyle
- 3rd PWA Fuerteventura 2011↵
- 4th PWA Aruba 2011↵
- 3rd PWA Bonaire 2011↵
- PWA Freestyle Vice World Champ 2010↵
- 2nd PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2010↵
- Medal of Honour Isla Margarita 2009↵
- 4th PWA Freestyle Overall 2009↵
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura 2009↵
- 5th PWA Freestyle Lanzarote 2009↵
- 1st Freestyle Yaque Open 2009↵
- Sports Award of Honour Venezuela 2009↵
- 6th PWA Freestyle Overall 2008↵
- 6th PWA Freestyle Pozo 2008↵
- 4th PWA Freestyle Fuerte 2008↵
- 1st Freestyle El Yaque National Open 2008↵
- 8th PWA Freestyle Overall 2007↵
- 6th PWA Freestyle Overall 2006↵
- 3rd IFCA Freestyle WM 2005↵
- 8th PWA Freestyle Overall 2005↵
- 5th PWA Freestyle Event, Fuerteventura 2004
Favourite spot:El Yaque/Isla Margarita

Favourite maneuvre:
Clew First Puneta E-Slider

How I started:
I came to the beach one day and I saw Remko de Weerd sailing. That showed me, that with a lot of practice on the water, I´ll be able to learn everything. And that´s what I´m always aiming for, to sail with the supe-reasy style like Remko and Cheo Diaz and powerful like Ricardo Campello.

Best windsurfing day in my life:
Almost all days in El Yaque I like a lot, but I had really nice days in Tarifa as well.
My Goals:Improving my results at the PWA Worldtour and finally show what I can do
My Slogan:Live for the day


Duotone, Fanatic, ION, Dwarf8, Giornieyewear, Windsurflabor
Yolanda  Freites de Brendt
Yolanda  Freites de Brendt
Yolanda  Freites de Brendt