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Julien Quentel

Julien  Quentel
Age: 38
Height: 182
Debut: 2004
Residence: France
Nationality: French
Boards: Patrik Boards


1st PWA event entered The Nestea PWA Hungarian World Cup Racing, 2004

Hello everybody,
My name is Julien Quentel,or Juju, I was born in Guadeloupe and for the past 3 years I've been living between Bretagne in France and the Island of ST Martin in the French West Indies.

I train at the E.N.V, the National Sail school of Quiberon and I've just passed my B.E.E.S 1er degr which is a French certificate to be a Sail instructor. I started Windsurfing in Guadeloupe at the age of 6. When I was 16, I came back to France where I live in the town of Brest with my twin brothers , Jerome et Thomas. At the beginning it was hard to get used to the climate.

My coach, named Stephane Krause, has just open a formula windsurfing training center at the E.N.V de Quiberon. This center is open to top athletes. When I'm in ST Martin, I train at the-Windy Reef center -, a windsurf and surf school on Galion beach. It is my last year in the youth category and I am really glad the I become the 2005 Youth World Chamipon.

My best results :
- French junior funboard champion ( under 14 )

- HIHO youth champion (BVI)

- Third place in the youth world championship in Italy (FW)
- 1st of the world youth championship IFCA ( Formula)
- 2nd of the world youth championship IFCA ( Slalom)
- 1st of the European youth championship in Portugal ( formula Experience)
- 1st of the French junior championship (Corsica)

- Third place in the youth world championship in Germany ( FW)
- 1st place in the youth world championship in Belgium ( Formula Experience)
- 4th place at the European youth championship
- 1st place HIHO overall (BVI)

- 1st place in Youth Worlds in Christchurch
- 1st place of the European youth championship in Martigues ( Formula Experience)
- 1st place in the youth European championship in Greece (Formula windsurfing)
- 1st place in the French open championship ( Formula windsurfing) in Hourtin
- 1st place in the raid Cleder/island of Batz
- 1st place overall in HIHO (BVI)
- 12th in the Defi Wind ( 450 racers)
2005 results;youth world champion Formula Expérience
Senior world champion Formula Expérience
- French champion Longues Distances
-Youth French champion ''Slalom'' and ''FW''
-7th place in European FW championship
- World vice champion FW
- youth world champion RS:X
- European champion FW
- Ranked 13th PWA World Tour Slalom
2011 8th PWA Slalom
2012 2nd Costa Brava Slalom
2012 ranked 4th overall PWA Slalom
2013 2nd Costa Brava Slalom, 5th Ulsan Korea, 3rd Sylt, 2nd Overall Slalom

2014 9th La Torche, Wave
2014 ranked 6th overall PWA Slalom
2015 ranked 7th overall PWA Slalom
2016 Ranked 4th overall Slalom5th Ulsan, Korea Slalom, 5th Fuerteventura, 5th Hvide Sande, 3rd Sylt
2017 1st Fly! Ana PWA Windsurfing World Cup Yokosuka Japan, 5th Fuerteventura, 6th Hvide Sande, 1st Sylt Foil, 8th Slalom
2018 8th Foil Fly! ANA Yokosuka PWA World Cup, 10th Ulsan PWA World Cup, 5th Costa Brava, 4th Viana PWA World Cup, 6th Fuerteventura


Patrik Boards, GUNSAILS, Librairie Michel Ange, Aloha Windsurfing
Julien  Quentel
Julien  Quentel
Julien  Quentel