PWA Athletes

Cedric Bordes

Cedric  Bordes
Age: 39
Height: 180
Debut: 2004
Residence: France
Nationality: French
Boards: Severne Windsurfing
Sails: Severne Windsurfing


1st PWA event Almanarre race 2004

2018 7th 2018 Ulsan PWA World Cup, 10th Foil Fly! ANA Yokosuka PWA World Cup, 6th Viana PWA World Cup
2017 6th Fuerteventura, 7th Sylt
2016 6th Fuerteventura
2nd Sylt, 8th Noumea
Windsurfing since: 1997
Favourites Sports: Motocross, BMX, football
Book: La promesse de l‚aube
Film: La haine / Big fish
Car: any type of Audi and Dodge!!
Music: IAM... and highs sound before sailing
Results: 2006: 5 at the French championship of slalom
15 in pozo slalom 42
2005: 5 on the world speed tour
2004: vice French youth champion
2003: vice French youth champion
Like: highs speed, competitions, adrenaline, chocolate
Don't like: waiting, airports, to sail on cold water


Severne Windsurfing, Patrik Foils
Cedric  Bordes
Cedric  Bordes