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Laure Treboux

Laure  Treboux
Age: 41
Height: 172
Debut: 2005
Residence: Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Boards: Fanatic
Sails: Severne Windsurfing


Since a couple of year I have been spending half the year in Western Australia, my favourite place of all. During the other half of the year I am travelling around constantly, competing, training and coaching.

Best results :
2012 ranked 2nd overall PWA Freestyle & 4th Wave
2nd overall freestyle 2011
2nd PWA Freestyle Fuerte 2011
2nd PWA Freestyle Aruba 2011
2nd PWA Freestyle Bonaire 2011
5th PWA Waves Tenerife 2011
7th PWA Waves Pozo 2011

2010 ranked 3rd overall Freestyle & 7th Wave
Ranked 7th PWA World Tour Freestyle 2009
3rd Freestyle & 7th PWA Wave overall 2008
3rd PWA Freestyle overall '07
3rd PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura '07
3rd PWA Freestyle Pozo '07
3rd PWA Freestyle Lanzarote '07
3rd PWA Freestyle overall '06
3rd PWA Freestyle Pozo '06
3rd PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura '06
2nd IFCA Freestyle World Championships '05
1st Swiss Freestyle Tour '05
1st Swiss Freestyle Tour '04
Windsurfing Ambitions:
Stay in the top 2 in freestyle, win a freestyle event, and get to the top 3 in waves.


Fanatic, Severne Windsurfing, SISA, Mb-Fins
Laure  Treboux
Laure  Treboux
Laure  Treboux