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Astrid Muldoon

Astrid  Muldoon
Age: 39
Height: 158
Debut: 2005
Residence: France
Nationality: German
Boards: Fanatic
Sails: Duotone


1st PWA event Bonaire Freestyle 2005
2010 Ranked 9th Wave
2008 Ranked 12th Slalom
French Championships (AFF):
3rd in Waves in Almanarre
French Wave Champion
French Championships (AFF):
3rd Overall 2008
1st in Waves in Carnac
2nd Overall in Marignane/Carro
1st in Waves in Marignane/Carro
6th in Slalom in Marignane/Carro
PWA Worldcup Competitions:
8th place PWA Slalom in Costa Brava (Spain)
9th place PWA Waves in Pozo (Gran Canaria)
12th PWA Slalom in Fuerteventura
AFF French Championships:
3rd Overall 2007
1st Waves in Wimereux
3rd Slalom in Martigues/Carro
PWA Worldcup Competitions:
7th PWA Slalom in Fuerteventura
9th PWA Waves in Pozo (Gran Canaria)
9th PWA Freestyle in Fuerteventura
10th PWA Freestyle in Pozo (Gran Canaria)
Highlights of my career:
PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. ...
No2 - AFW French Vice Champion Overall (1st in Freestyle, 2nd in Waves)
No1 - Wave Contest Magic Expression
No2 - Vice Wave Champion AFW
No1 - Wave Contest Magic Expression
hobbies: dancing, snowboard, photos and good restaurants
best day in my life: doing the Spin-loop in Margarita for the first time
best 'vacation': Maui, Morocco, Cabo Verde, Barbados ? every place is great !
favourite spot: El Yaque for freestyle, Maui & Morocco for waves
favourite music: Matmatah, Noir Desir, Shakira, Merengue & Salsa, and a lot more
personal 'madness & obsession': to enjoy life each day, because life is so short.


Fanatic, Duotone, Pat Love, Select Fins, GS Mers-les-Bains, J-Star
Astrid  Muldoon
Astrid  Muldoon
Astrid  Muldoon