PWA Athletes

Jonas Ceballos

Jonas  Ceballos
Age: 41
Height: 0
Residence: Gran Canaria
Nationality: Spanish


2010 ranked 9th overall PWA Wave
2009 ranked 12th overall PWA Wave
2008 3rd Overall rank Wave

Best results:
Best results:
- 3rd PWA Wave Overall 2008
- 4th PWA Wave Sylt 2008
- 7th PWA Wave Pozo 2008
- 13th PWA Wave Cabo Verde 2008
- 11th PWA Wave Overall 2007
- 9th PWA Wave Gran Canaria 2007
- 11th PWA Cabo Verde 2007
- 2nd PWA Jump Session Tiree 2007
- 5th PWA Wave Guincho 2007
- 2nd NSP Soulfiles Klittmoeller 2006
- 17th PWA Gran Canaria Wave 2005
- 9th PWA Sylt Wave 2005
- 2nd Tiree Wave Classics 2005
- 12th Freestyle Fuerte 2004
- 9th Wave Gran Slam Pozo 2004
- 1st Wave Sylt Germany 2004
- Top 7 PWA Wave Ranking 2004
- 2nd Wissant Wave Classic 2002
- 4th Freestyle Wave World Cup Pozo/Gran Canaria 2002
- 9th Wave PWA World Cup Pozo/Gran Canaria 2002
- 9th Wave PWA Vargas, 2001
- 13th Wave PWA Pozo, 2001
- 17th Wave PWA Ireland, 2001
- 16th PWA Overall 2001
- Spanish Senior Champion Freestyle, 2000
- Spanish Junior Champion Wave, Freestyle and Race, 1999

Favourite spot:Pozo Izquierdo/Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Ireland
Favourite maneuvre:Backside 360º into the wave , Pushloop, Tabletop, One handed Backloop

How I started:
With my father 10 years ago in Las Palmas. He bought me a Tiga 250 and I was able to sail some days in Las Canteras Beach when he could come with me. I couldn´t sail alone, as I was still too young and small! I could only really start to sail by myself when I was fourteen. Then I thought I´m young and live in the best place for practising windsurfing, why not try to be a pro? I went to Pozo every day for training and got to a good level. Later I started to do some Spanish contests in 1999, where I was very successful straight away. Since then my level has continued to improve and last year I prooved that I can beat everyone at my home spot. Even the big names like Polakow and Goya!

Best windsurfing day in my life:Every day i go windsurf i got always new and fantastic things and feelings soo i cant not say exactly my best windsurf day.

My Goals:Do what I could'nt do last year!

My Slogan:You can do it!


Jonas  Ceballos
Jonas  Ceballos
Jonas  Ceballos