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Waka Nishida

Waka  Nishida
Age: 50
Height: 156
Debut: 2006
Residence: Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Boards: Goya Windsurfing


1st PWA event 2006 Guincho wave

2015 - ranked 7th overall PWA wave
I started to windsurf in 1994.
And I have been working as an engineer for 15 years.
I work at the airport.
I manage a lot of aeronautical facilities.
For example , automatic landing system , radar , computer processing system etc.

I work at the airport at the 4 days cycle.
At the first day I work from 8:30 to 17:00.
In the evening I exercise at a gym or my house.
At the second day morning I do house work.
Or I go to a hospital to receive a treatment by physio therapist.
I work at a night shift.
It starts at 15:30.
I work till next morning.
At the third day I finish working at 9:00.
At first I check a weather forecast.
Then I decide where I go.
I drive to the beach.
Normally it takes about 3hours.
I enjoy windsurfing or surfing till sunset.
To heal fatigue , I go to a hot spring.
I park near the beach , sleep like a log in my car.
The fourth day is my day off.
In the morning I check a weather forecast .
I consult with my friends.
We decide where to go.
We windsurf for a whole day.
After windsurfing we go to hot spring or a public bathhouse.
We Japanese likes to take a bath.
Then I return to my house.

This is my typical life style.

Usually after working all night I feel sleepy at the beach.
But I am crazy about a wave.
When I catch a good wave , adrenalin appears from my brain.
I forget fatigue.

We Japanese has a various shorelines.
I want to windsurf at the best place.
By a season or a weather forecast , I choose the beach.
For that sometimes I drive a long way.
The longest one is that it takes 10 hours on one-way trip.
I drive my car more than 30,000km for a year.

I love windsurfing , engineering and driving!

My windsurfing style is a kind of travel.
I wish to go around the world , and to windsurf there.

I want to ride a lot of waves.
It is for fun.
And I want to improve my performance.
Someday I wish to impress an audience by my performance.


Goya Windsurfing, IDENT, KELP, Green Rooms, Islands
Waka  Nishida
Waka  Nishida
Waka  Nishida