PWA Athletes

Quincy Offringa

Quincy  Offringa
Age: 36
Height: 0
Debut: 2007
Residence: Aruba
Nationality: Dutch
Boards: Starboard


Windsurfing History (Including any past competition results): 2001  Aruba HiWinds, 3rd place new kids, slalom
2002 PWA (Bonaire King of the Caribbean), 2nd freestyle, amateurs
2003 Aruba HiWinds, 3rd place, Prince of the Huts, freestyle
          Bonaire, 2nd place, Prince of Lac Bay                                           
2004 Aruba HiWinds, 2nd place King of the Huts, freestyle and 2nd place, slalom juniors
2005 Aruba HiWinds, 3rd place, King of the Huts, freestyle
Bonaire ProKids (18+), 3rd place, freestyle
2008 ranked 11th overall PWA Freestyle
2010 ranked 10th overall PWA Freestyle

2012 17th Podersdorf Surf World Cup


Starboard, Mb-Fins
Quincy  Offringa
Quincy  Offringa
Quincy  Offringa