PWA Athletes

John Skye

John  Skye
Age: 47
Height: 180
Debut: 2001
Residence: Great Britain
Nationality: British
Boards: RRD
Sails: RRD


When I finished university I moved to Fuerteventura for a year to learn to wave sail. At the time the World Tour seemed just a dream. However over the years it became closer and closer until in 2002 it was finally a reality. Since starting the tour I have been to loads of new places and had some great experiences. Best of all has been sailing in great conditions with some great friends.
1995 UK National Youth Champion
1998 UK Amateur champion - Waves, Freestyle & Racing
1999 National Student Champion
2001 European Freestyle Champion
2002 9th Overall PWA World Tour - Freestyle
2003 UK Triple Crown Series Champion - 1st place at every event.
2003 National Wave saiing Champion
2004 UK Triple Crown Series Champion
2004 10th Overall PWA World Tour - Waves
2004 10th Overal PWA World Tour - Super X
2004 3rd PWA Fuerteventura - Super X
2004 4th PWA Costa Brava - Super X
2005 UK Triple Crown Champion
2005 11t Overall PWA World Tour - Waves
2005 13th Overall PWA World Tour - Super X
2005 4th PWA Guincho - Waves
2006 ranked 15th Wave and Super X
2008 ranked 14th overall PWA Wave
2009 ranked 15th overall PWA Wave
2010 ranked 11th overall PWA Wave
2013 ranked 8th overall PWA Wave
2014 ranked 10th overall PWA Wave
2016 9th Sylt wave


John  Skye
John  Skye
John  Skye