PWA Athletes

Timo Mullen

Timo  Mullen
Age: 51
Height: 180
Debut: 1999
Residence: Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Boards: Starboard
Sails: Severne Windsurfing


2009 Tiree Wave Classic 1st place (2nd John Skye, 3rd Danny Bruch) , 2010 Pistol River Wave Bash Jump Contest 2nd Overall (placing ahead of Kevin Pritchard (4th) and Francisco Goya (3rd), 2010 UK Wave Championships, currently ranked 4th, 2009 UK Wave championships 4th Overall


Starboard, Severne Windsurfing, Animal Clothing, Black Project Fins
Timo  Mullen
Timo  Mullen
Timo  Mullen