PWA Athletes

Philip Soltysiak

Philip  Soltysiak
Age: 36
Height: 171
Debut: 2007
Residence: Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Boards: Starboard
Sails: Sailworks


1st PWA event Lanzarote 2007 freestyle where he placed 18th.
2018 9th Fuerteventura Freestyle
2017 13th Fuerteventura Freestyle
2016 5th Fuerteventura, 9th Podersdorf Surf World Cup, 7th Sylt
2015 placed 7th Fuerteventura
2013 ranked 10th overall PWA Freestyle
2012 ranked 10th overall PWA Freestyle
2012 9th Podersdorf Surf World Cup
2011 6th place Vietnam PWA Freestyle, 6th PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf
2010 ranked 6th overall PWA Freestyle
2009 ranked 10th overall PWA Freestyle
2008 ranked 17th overall PWA Freestyle

I started windsufing at age 10. I started competing in formula racing and later on decided to change over to freestyle. I just took a year off school to train freestyle in Brazil and Venezuela to be able to compete in my first PWA freestyle event.
Past results: 2002 and 2003 top junior at Canadian Windsurfing Championships


Starboard, Sailworks, Makani Fins, Dakine, Streamlined, Bondic, Camaro Wetsuits, Peppers Eyeware, No Limitz
Philip  Soltysiak
Philip  Soltysiak
Philip  Soltysiak