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Paolo Migliorini

Paolo  Migliorini
Height: 0
Debut: 1997
Residence: Brazil
Nationality: Italian
Boards: Roberto Ricci Design Boards


Dr.Wind is Paolo Migliorini, italian, windsurfer since 1992.  After
surfing so many beaches around the world and competed with the best
windsurfers, he chose this corner of paradise to call home.
Born in 1973 in the northeast of Italy between cold and mist, Paolo started
windsurfing a little late, he was 19. Before, he was a decent basketball
player, but in that period he felt the need of practicing open air sport, to
have a deeper contact with nature and to explore and knowing the world.
So during his college years, windsurfing became his best activity, training a
lot in the best spots of the world, from Hawaii to South Africa, the Canaries
and the Caribean. In just 2-3 years he reached a pro level and he started
competing, first in racing and then in new freestyle discipline.
In 1997 he did the first World Cup (PWA) freestyle competition, the “King
of the lake” in lake Garda Italy, which became a classic in the sport. In
following years he did some other World Cup without being professional,
sharing his time with the work of trade agent.
Some good results came as some top 10 in the world and some national wins.
The latest and more important was the "Red Bull Assalto a Nordest" in 2005,
a jumping contest in extreme conditions in his home spot Chioggia in which
he won with a perfect push loop.


Roberto Ricci Design Boards, Pat Love, Loftsails, MFC
Paolo  Migliorini
Paolo  Migliorini