1.     The Awards are open to PWA and non PWA riders alike.


2.     You can nominate yourself or nominate someone else for a specific Award.


3.     To participate in the competition or to nominate another sailor, competitors must send a link where a video or photo of the individual move can be seen (YouTube, Vimeo or similar). Long videos with lots of action will not be judged.


4.     Videos and should be sent without music or significant editing, just the move to be judged.


5.     All videos and photos must be submitted by the 31st January 2013 together with all data required on the submission form.


6.     Entries may be submitted in more than one category.


7.     Any attempt to submit a falsified video will result in disqualification for the person submitting the entry or nomination.


8.     Moves performed during a PWA event or while free sailing will be considered equally.


9.     Only videos and photos that were made between the 1st January and the 31st of December 2012 are eligible. If nominations are shortlisted then original footage must be supplied.


10.  A panel of the PWA board members will study each video/photo and vote on the winner of each category. Final decisions are purely at the discretion of the panel.


11.  By taking part in this competition and submitting an entry or nomination all entrants hereby:

i.              agree to abide by the rules of the agree to abide by the rules of the awards at all times

ii.             agree to abide by any ruling of the PWA in any dispute

iii.            confirm that any video or audio content supplied is solely their property and that they have the necessary rights and authority to submit it as part of this contest

iv.            authorise the PWA to use any content submitted in any way at the discretion of the PWA

v.             release the PWA from any claim or liability against any copyright infringement or other claim resulting from the use of any content submitted for consideration in the competition and accept liability from any such claim in its entirety

vi.            solemnly declare that all information submitted is true and accurate and accept that should any information submitted be found to be false, misleading or otherwise intended to affect the fairness of the competition or in any way bring the competition or the PWA into disrepute, their entry may be disqualified forthwith